Transformative statistical model reduces inaccuracies at production level to increase order loading by 20%.

Learn how Peritus has used Theory of Constraints methodology along with mathematical model in the innovative planning engine.


Innovative KPI monitors from us has increased efficiency by 5 -8% for better production predictability, quality monitor, and employee performance.

Learn how POMS can reform rejection rate and rework cycle.


Peritus visualises a world of real-time inventory management that affects the efficacy of the production line by 23%

Learn how to create a virtual warehouse using InventiX Materials

A client

Peritus has been extremely professional in their commitment to deploy the products at the factory. Full customer support to assist the backend users, the solutions have helped the functioning of the factory floor.

A client

The innovative products of Peritus have shown the power of technology. Both the technology team and the support team are knowledgeable about the products and resolve queries instantly.

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