InventiX PlanIT

Planning / Controlling with PlanIT

The Challenge

According to IDC by 2018, only 30% of manufacturers investing in transforming digital operations will reach their full potential. With business looking to expand, investing time and money on manual operations becomes a setback.

The Story

15% increase in capacity utilization

22% decrease in work in progress inventories

Manufacturing today is highly competitive and cost conscious in nature. The only path to becoming efficient and cost effective is be LEAN and AGILE at the same time. Extended enterprise applications like real time production monitoring, finite capacity planning & scheduling are need of the hour.

Real time monitoring of shop floor operations combined with a versatile production planning & scheduling application - increases capacity utilization by 15% and reduces work in progress inventories by 22%. Typical technology implementations of this kind open up cash locked in production & inventory by one-third of total cash in the system.

Success of PlanIT

One of India’s leading exporters of leather goods to USA, Europe implemented PlanIT for production planning. With the ability to complete plan and organise work orders, the client plans to own 18 new factories and increase sub-contract factories by 40. They also addressed possibilities scenarios with PlanIT.

A global player in the production industry increased daily demand load by 20% using PlanIT. Due to the increased agility rate in the production floor, the company reduced backlogs to 15% with increased customer satisfaction levels.

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Product Overview

PlanIT is an advanced production planning tool ideal for resource and machine dependent production facilities. With this one-stop application, line managers have a holistic overview of the factory floor including available inventory and labour capacity, delivery timelines. The application integrates seamlessly with the existing ERP thereby ensuring complete visibility for proper planning. As the managers address bottlenecks in work in progress inventory and production cycle, the performance of production lines increases with careful scheduling of active orders, backlog orders by balancing people and machines for best performance.

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First of its kind, the highly integrated demand and production planning system helps create a statistical modelling to reduce inaccuracies thus optimising capacity and utilisation. The system allows the user to build a master production schedule that serves as a base plan with complete visibility. With a holistic view of the factory, the order planning and scheduling is effortless with maximum possible workload orders to factory. The multiple modelling options allows higher confidence levels with 20% increase in orders loading at factory level.


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