InventiX POMS

Automating & integrating data collection on the manufacturing floor will be essential to stay competitive.

What is POMS

Production and Operations Monitoring System is a robust, reliable and fully configurable application which monitors the health of the operations in real time across various dashboards including production, capacity, quality, performance, sampling, etc. Production Monitoring System or POMS is a real-time monitoring of your production and gives an end-to-end view on the health of the business.

POMS provides live “visibility” & “traceability” of order status regarding production, inventory, materials, etc thus reducing cost per unit by 30%. Managers can get a quick overview of the total rejection rates within the factory at any given time and alter the production lines to achieve the targets.

POMS is an independent application which takes relevant real-time information from the existing ERP and through devices like RFID, barcode, etc. The application also uses barcode bar code integrated of devices including biometric fingerprint readers/smart card readers, hand held terminals and machine inputs. These devices installed across different stages of production combined with the principal data points from existing ERP to create a live picture of the production floor. The highly configurable POMS single dashboard, managers can collate the data from different sources for analysis to give status and health of the business that helps achieve the business milestones.


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Product Statistics

job orders monitored in real time
operation level data points "analysed".
reduction in rework / rejection levels.
weeks of non-stop track-trace-control.

Inside POMS

High level information security enabled application

Deployable across on-site servers, cloud servers or a combination of both

Mobile app versions available for all operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows

Multiple device integration - desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles


  • Guaranteed 12 week deployment
  • Easy to plan production with real time decision making tools
  • Seamless integration with all ERPs
  • Biometric devices for people management
  • Real-time operational and managerial visibility
  • Production planning based on dispatch timelines thus increasing CRM
  • Operations standardised based on utilisation rates
  • Improved SAH

Success of POMS

Reduce human efforts on planning resources by 65%

Increase production accuracies by 99.8%

Real-time production line monitoring

Quick factory automation with PLC - SCADA

SAH efficiency increased by 3 times


A mid-market leather gloves manufactures found a surge in the re-work and rejections rate across multiple assembly lines. The production also found that the capacity utilisation was below efficiency.


Upon analysis of the production floor, a full-functioning POMS application was deployed within twelve weeks. The application integrated with the company’s ERP, analysed the bottlenecks within the floor and altered the line managers. With real-time visibility, managers addressed the key issues to improve productivity.


  • Increase in service levels by 90%
  • Expansion of product line
  • Increase in capacity utilisation
  • Rejection rate reduced by 37%